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> On Thu, 2 Jul 2020 10:53:19 -0600, Brandon helsley wrote:
> > Thank you all for the help. I think I was not specific enough
> > with my problem. I now know how to change the prompt to what
> > I want but still have to issue the command "pwd" to see what
> > directory I'm in. For example, when I cd to the /usr/home/
> > directory my prompt is still only root at machine17# instead
> > of root at machine17#~/usr/home/
> Add the following lines to /etc/csh.cshrc:
>         set prompt = "%N@%m:%~%# "

The path is often very long and you might want to tell it to only use the
last N components of the path for example my prompt is:

set prompt='%C1@%M%% '

the %C1 limits it to only the lowest level dir in the path for example I am
currently in a subdir of a change set for my main client project so it

specMed-3c1.C043 at neomarx%

the "specMed-3c1.C043" is chage 43 of version 3c1 of the specMed (a name
generated by devel/aegis).

To learn all the options and %'s expansions see the section of the tcsh man
page on the prompt environment variable.  There are over 30 of them.
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