Promoting an upcoming release

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Wed Jul 1 12:00:34 UTC 2020

mreilly at writes:

>  I will soon release a new open source project that may be of
>  interest to the FreeBSD community.

	Thank you for your effort, and interest.

>  Can you suggest some place(s) where it would be appropriate for me
>  to announce/promote it?

	That depends on what you mean by "announce/promote".
	If you mean "I have this FreeBSD-compatible project that does X;
a tested port is available; more information at Y; come take a look if
you're interested." ... then here, on ports@, and on any of the
mailing lists specific to what it does (e.g. net@ for a bandwidth-usage
monitor).  Also, as suggested, the quarterly summaries.
	If you mean something more, or are actively looking for help from
interested parties, er, um I actually have no clue.  Can't immediately
remember that ever happening.
	Whatever it is, I hope it is interesting and useful and look
forward to hearing more.


				Robert Huff

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