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Manish Jain bourne.identity at
Sun Jan 26 21:32:23 UTC 2020

On 2020-01-27 02:40, Robert Huff wrote:
> Manish Jain writes:
>>   What do you think I should do ? As a side note, I have never updated
>>   BIOS in my life. So if I do it in the coming days, it shall be a first.
> 	It is my understanding that - after carefully researching others'
> experiences - one ought to always keep the BIOS at the most recent
> revision.
> 	And yes - if you've never done it before it can be _terrifying_.
> The good news is modern machines make it far safer and less painful
> than it used to be.
> 			Respectfully,
> 				Robert Huff

Hi Robert/others,

So here we go !

I have downloaded the latest BIOS version's update file from Gigabyte's support site. The zip 
archive contains 4 files :


Since I have never updated BIOS before, I will appreciate assistance in 
what I have to do next. In my understanding, I should

1) Extract the zip's contents somewhere
2) Format a USB pen drive /dev/da0s1 as msdosfs
3) Copy the zip's contents to /dev/da0s1
4) Boot from the pen drive

A couple of questions:

1) Is simply booting from the pen drive enough or do I have to carry out 
some commands ? I do not think I should have to carry out any commands 
because autoexec.bat contains the required command :
(efiflash.exe B450AE.F51)

2) There are multiple BIOS updates available at Gigabyte's support 
website between my current BIOS version (F5) and the latest BIOS version 
(F51). Can I directly update from F5 to F51, or whether each BIOS update 
in between has to be carried out sequentially ? That really would be a 
nightmare !

Thanks for any help,
Manish Jain

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