DistroWatch now runs web server on FreeBSD

Clay Daniels clay.daniels.jr at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 07:50:09 UTC 2020

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 849, 20 January 2020


*Server upgrade* Last weekend we migrated from our old web server to a new
machine. The old box was having some hardware trouble and we felt it was
time to switch over to newer (and hopefully more reliable) equipment for
the long-term health of this website.

The migration went smoothly for the most part and we were happy to complete
the transition from the old server to the new one without experiencing any

Since we were getting a fresh start with the equipment and were not in a
terrible rush to get it set up, it opened the opportunity to talk about
which technologies we wanted to run on the new server. We are, after all,
not immune to the siren song of distro-hopping and like to try out
different approaches from time to time.

In the end, we decided to run FreeBSD <https://distrowatch.com/freebsd> on
the new server, which offers some nice features such as filesystem
snapshots, boot environments, the PF firewall, and long-term support.
Previously we had been running Debian <https://distrowatch.com/debian> for
the past twelve years and had a very good experience with the distribution.
You can see more of the history of the operating systems running on the
DistroWatch web server on our FAQ page

(I'm a DistroWatch fan)

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