usb tape drive issue

Pete Wright pete at
Fri Jan 3 22:00:00 UTC 2020

On 1/3/20 11:48 AM, Wayne Anschutz wrote:
> Folks,
> I'm new at this bsd OS, but did get an xinuos open server 10 operating
> which is BSD. I've managed to get everything working with some trial and
> error picking the correct ports for necessary libraries.  The BSD os is
> stable version 11.3.
> The problem popped up when I tried to make a backup tape using a usb dat160
> internal drive.  After testing a lot I found that the drive would read
> tar and dd formats correctly.  It did only a flawed read on cpio tapes.  It
> always failed on any write with CAM errors and scsi errors.  Research on
> the web proved that this is not an uncommon problem with usb storage
> devices.  I am not interested in being a freeBSD test bed!  I need a stable
> OS for my customers.
> My first question - would updateing to stable 12.1 solve this?  If so what
> are the updateing pit falls?  Would switching to a dat160 scsi lvd drive
> solve the problem?

I think the best next step would be if you could provide additional 
debugging information.  for example:

- what is the model number of the tape drive in question?  also, what 
does the output of "usbconfig" look like when the device is attached?

- can you share an example of the errors when you are running cpio? also 
relevant messages from "dmesg" would be helpful here as well.

- also if you can share the cpio commands you are running that would be 
helpful as well.


Pete Wright
pete at

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