replacement of security/ipsec-tools

Michael Grimm trashcan at
Thu Jan 2 22:06:59 UTC 2020

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I am running ipsec-tools to implement a VPN tunnel (esp) between two hosts for years now.

But this statement on makes me think about an alternative:
	The development of ipsec-tools has been ABANDONED. 
	ipsec-tools has security issues, and you should not use it. Please switch to a secure alternative! 

Could you provide me with links where I could find more details about the above mentioned 'security issues'? I want to find out, if my specific setup has security issues at all. Thanks.

What would be a secure alternative if one is needed? 
	#) security/racoon2
	#) security/strongswan
	#) something else?

What do I need?
	#) a VPN tunnel between two hosts
	#) both local networks reachable from the remote host

Thanks and regards,

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