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> >> Hi,
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> >> I am new to FreeBSD. I was wondering if there is concept like Network
> >> Namespaces in FreeBSD, like it is in Linux?
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> > 	There is something similar see man setfib for details.
> >
> I’ve only briefly played with linux network namespaces, but aren’t 
> vnet jails much closer to that?

	My understanding was that network namespaces are primarily a way of
managing multiple routing tables which is exactly what setfib is for,
while setfib is mostly useful in conjunction with jails[1] it is not
connected with jails in any way it is purely a network level thing which
AIUI linux network namespaces are.

	Vnet jails are just jails with their own network stack, which
achieves much the same results but only for jails.

[1] Jails can be set to have a default fib - I use fibs this way to connect
jails to VPNs for various purposes.

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