Assistance needed with Xorg

Gabriel Saltar gabe.saltar at
Sat Dec 19 00:22:03 UTC 2020


I have decided to learn about freebsd and I have installed freebsd 12.2 in desktop. However, I have not been able to configure Xorg correctly.

My system has integrated Intel HD 2000 gpu and two monitors coonected. I have installed the i915kms driver. I have also enable it in my /etc/rc.conf file.

I have followed the instructions on the user handbook regarding adding the user to the video group. I have also updated freebsd and updated all my packages.

I have attempted to run Xorg -configure and it fails. When I do startx it fails. When I checked the log, it states it failed to load driver 0, or module 0. Please excuse me I'm writing from my mobile device and I do not have access to my desktop at this time.

Also, while it prompted me to look into the /var/log/x11/xorg.0... file. There the output stated that the config did not match the devices detected.

>From there I looked online and saw a template for dual monitor xorg.conf file and did my best to emulate it and place it in the /usr/etc/local/X11/ directory. When I did I got an error that my configuration file had an error in line 44. I checked that was exactly after made the changes I thought I had to do add my second monitor to xorg.conf file.

At this point I am clueless. I know I have not been very specific and I have not added the output I get from my system here, however any piece of advice you can offer will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Gabriel Saltar

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