11.4 pauses

Walter Parker walterp at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 00:04:47 UTC 2020


I recently upgraded my system to 11.4.
I just tried something new, I started htop on the physical console (not
running X).
It shows and updates the screen once a second.
I leave the system alone and come back 15-20 minutes and the screen has
stopped updating (the screen saver has kicked in).
I press a key and the screen starts updating (and network access works
This is a physical desktop, sleep mode is not enabled in the UEFI settings,
I don't see any settings that look like they have enabled any kind of sleep
The system's wakeup speed is what one sees from a screen saver or iphone
wake up (fraction of a second). so it is not a deep sleep.

Any suggestions as to what might cause a system to go into a light sleep
(screen stops updating, stops responding to network requests). I never saw
this when running older versions of FreeBSD 11.


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