Potential BUG: update_motd="YES" is prepending same text on ever reboot

Rahul Bharadwaj rahulbharadwajpromos at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 14:48:03 UTC 2020


My FreeBSD details are:
FreeBSD 11.3

I have the following option in my /etc/rc.conf:

Every time I reboot, the output from the "uname" command is prepended to
the previous reboot in the /etc/motd file. So on 3 restarts, it prints like

*$ ssh user at ip*

*FreeBSD user 11.3 ...*
*FreeBSD user 11.3 ...*
*FreeBSD user 11.3 ...*

*<my actual motd>*

Here's what I have tried already:
- Searched the mailing list for any mention of "motd" or "update_motd".
None match my issue.
- Searched the FreeBSD bugzilla for "motd", there are 2 bugs, none of which
match my issue.
- Read the man page for rc.conf and motd, they don't give any hints on bugs.

So I'm not sure if this is even a bug. Can someone please help out on this.

Thanks and Regards.

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