Firefox: virtual_oss: no sound (was: Different sound devices for mic and speakers)

Mario Lobo lobo at
Sun Dec 6 18:45:34 UTC 2020

On Sun, Dec 6, 2020 at 2:36 PM Graham Perrin <grahamperrin at> wrote:

> On 04/12/2020 18:37, Mario Lobo wrote:
> … Videos in Firefox not only have no sound. …
> If you have not already done so:
> about:config
> media.cubeb.backend
> string
> oss

It is set that way.

By the way, I tried setting to sndio, and even though sndio wasn't running,
It still had sound.

But virtual_oss still has the same firefox results (no sound). I have to
reboot the machine to get the sound back on FF.
Stopping virtual_oss and restarting FF is not enough.

I also had virtual_oss_ctl installed but, like you, I dont know how to use

Mario Lobo
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