Bash Does Not Source /etc/profile

Drew Tomlinson bob811183 at
Thu Aug 20 18:37:55 UTC 2020

I performed an binary upgrade from 12.0-p3 to 12.1-p8 and recompiled all
ports.  My shell is set to /usr/local/bin/bash in /etc/passwd.  One thing
that's puzzling is that /etc/profile is no longer sourced when I log in.
However, if I source /etc/profile after I log in, there are no errors.

I have verified my shell is both login and interactive with these code
snippets I found on the web:

[drew at blackcloud ~]$ shopt -q login_shell && echo 'Login shell' || echo 'Not
login shell'
Login shell
[drew at blackcloud ~]$ [[ $- == *i* ]] && echo 'Interactive' || echo 'Not

What else should I check?



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