xpost: New less 551 won't let me copy text with "--mouse" flag.

Ottavio Caruso ottavio2006-usenet2012 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 19 15:38:28 UTC 2020

[Previously posted to  freebsd-ports@ but no joy there]


% freebsd-version

less in base:

% less --version
less 530 (POSIX regular expressions)

Before installing less from ports:

% which less

setenv LESS "-i -m +Gg"
setenv TERM xterm

As you know, old less 530 in base doesn't support scrolling down with
the mouse, so I have installed less from ports.

  % /usr/local/bin/less --version
less 551 (PCRE regular expressions)

and I have updated my environment variables:

setenv PAGER /usr/local/bin/less
setenv LESS "--mouse --wheel-lines=3 -i -m +Gg"

I might have used wrong syntax here ^, but now, if I use less or man, I
can scroll down, but I cannot copy text with the mouse. If I try, the
screen will flash. If I revert to /usr/bin/less, I regain the capability
of copying text but I lose the scroll down function.

As a term of comparison, I can use less with the mouse and scroll down
in pretty much all other *BSD and Linux without specifying the "--mouse"

Any help will be appreciated.

Ottavio Caruso

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