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Mon Aug 17 13:53:05 UTC 2020

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> The Nvidia card reports itself as a GTK-730 which, according to Wikipedia,
> appares to be a 2006 vintage card.  Before getting into configuration
> settings
> I need to be sure that I have the correct drivers installed.

There is no such thing as a gtk-730 so I will assume you mean a gt730 (no

What version of the nvidia-driver pkg is required for this card?
> 440,390.340,
> or 304?

Likely 390 (440 has dropped support for some cards in the 500-700 model
range I am not sure what 304 supports but I am sure 390 does support since
my 710 works fine with it).

> Which drm module pkg is required: drm-fbsd12.0-kmod, drm-legacy-kmod, or
> drm-kmod?

*DO NOT* mix drm and nvidia-driver... no drm version supports nvidia
directly with all capabilities.. so do not install any of them.

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