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On 8/15/20 8:44 PM, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> John Levine wrote:
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>>> Dear Colleagues,
>>> I'm looking for a superdaemon to start, monitor and restart (e.g. in
>>> case of crash) other daemons like squid, syncthing and others.
>>> At first I wanted to place them into /etc/ttys but then I realized that
>>> I need something more flexible like Linux' systemd or Solaris' SMF.
>>> What would you recommend for FreeBSD not as a total rc(8) replacement
>>> but as a tool to manage some daemons?
>> Try daemontools which is in ports.  It was written by Dan Bernstein so it
>> is in his quirky style but it works great.
> Can it observe dependencies and a predictable start/stop order?
A commercial tool that does this and more is Scout APM. It's very 
powerful, completely configurable, and easy to use. You won't learn as 
much as you would by building from daemon or daemontools, but, well one 
chooses where to invest ones' time. :D

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