Nvidia on FreeBSD

moridin moridin at mm.st
Fri Aug 14 20:50:27 UTC 2020

Polytropon wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Aug 2020 21:42:12 +0300, moridin at mm.st wrote:
>> James B. Byrne via freebsd-questions wrote:
>>> FreeBSD-12.1p8
>>> I am forced to configure a new workstation (WS) due to an unrecoverable
>>> hardware error on my old (c.2009) one.  The new WS has only basic VGA on the
>>> motherboard and has an Nvidia card as its primary video i/f.
>>> I have two monitors both connected to the card.  Each works independently of
>>> the other but when both are connected only one display is used.
>>> I have the Mate desktop installed and working.  However when I try to configure
>>> the monitors the display dialogue window only shows one, unknown, display and
>>> the detect monitor button is not active.  I also get a message stating that the
>>> mate-settings-daemon cannot start.
>>> I need some help getting this sorted out.  If someone could guide me through
>>> this I would appreciate it very much.
>> I know nothing about mate and its settings, but I remember running X on
>> dual-monitor setup with nvidia.  What you need is to get the output
>> names from Xorg.log in /var/log (e.g. DFP-0, DFP-2) and add relevant
>> config line to your /usr/local/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/<name>.conf, e.g.:
>> Section "Device"
>> 	Identifier	"Something here"
>> 	Driver		"nvidia"
>> 	MetaModes	"DFP-0:3840x2160,DFP-2:3840x2160"
>> EndSection
>> Check the documentation shipped with nvidia-driver for more options.
> I have been using a dual-head system with nVidia card + driver in
> the past (one connected to DVI, the other one connected to VGA),
> and the whole thing was configured independently from any window
> manager or desktop environment simply in xorg.conf. If I remember
> correctly, there were two Section "Monitor", each one with an
> Option "PreferredMode" and Option "Position" (this one was
> different!), and it worked. I got the example code from the
> nVidia documentation. Maybe this is still possible?

I believe this is only required if you are really running dual-head 
setup -- that is, 2 cards and 2 monitors, so you can specify which 
monitor goes where; or if you need to use Xinerama for some reason. 
With the latter being obsolete (IMO) and everything using xrandr 
nowadays, there's no real need to specify separate monitor entries in 
xorg.conf.  Hopefully, mate stuff uses xrandr (it should) and helping it 
by providing the entries via MetaModes should work.

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