OT: Dealing with a hosting company with it's head up it's rear end

Dr. Nikolaus Klepp dr.klepp at gmx.at
Fri Aug 14 08:11:58 UTC 2020

There's the therm "computer sabotage". Go to your lawyer, show him the contracts. Construct a cast that proofs your provider is sabotaging your business. Execute the case, sue him - and move somewhere else. Giving the monthly fee you pay that would be a good thing in the first place.


Anno domini 2020 Fri, 14 Aug 04:00:22 -0400
 Aryeh Friedman scripsit:
> On Fri, Aug 14, 2020 at 3:43 AM Olivier <Olivier.Nicole at cs.ait.ac.th> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am jumping a bit late in the conversation but if the problem is mainly
> > a communication between your 3 VM, can't they provide a vitual switch.
> > have a second virtual NIC on your VMs connected to that virtual switch
> > and used for all your internal communications.
> >
> That is only one problem.   There are also the devices that are scattered
> all over the US and connect to machines via the cell network (need a public
> IP).   Our ability to automatically deploy new versions of the software.
> The ability of the client's staff to connect to a windows desktop (since
> the front end to the devices only runs on windows and does not have a web
> interface).
> > Given their lack of help, the sanest solution is to get out of there as
> > soon as possible. While there is a 3 years contract, they were providing
> > a service and they changed something so that service is not provided
> > anymore.
> >
> Tried and their answer is if we insist on breaking the contract then they
> will terminate it and ask for additional penalties under the breach clause.
> > Even if you were using some "unsupported features", it was working and
> > they broke it. So obviously they are failing their side of the contract.
> > (unless you signed despite they informed you beforehand that it was
> > unsupported and could be blocked anytime).
> >
> Their claim is it was in the contract so no need to tell us.    One such
> unsupported operation is correct backups of MySQL (not just backing up the
> files in whatever snapshot they were in when done -- even mid transaction
> ... don't get me started about their idiotic idea of using object storage
> vs. block or NFS)
> > You mentionned that your application is something medical, you could
> > document the fact that what they did is breaking the regulations about
> > medical confidentiality and since they cannot provide that, it is a case
> > of "force majeure" that you must leave.
> >
> There website claims they are in full compliance with HIPAA (the relevant
> regulation in the US) and use it as a marketing point.
> > A side question, who is chose that hosting company? You or your client?
> >
> The client based on a) recommendations from our old hosting provider who
> decided to go out of business due to the owner retiring, b) the maker of
> the devices we have connectected to the system (actually the manufacturer
> is another fine example of head up the ass... stuff like not even knowing
> what "concurrency" was when asked a question about how the devices interact
> with the vendor provided front-end/DB [which sucks and thus our ground up
> rewrite of it] and when we pressed the matter where told "don't go down
> that rabbit hole", this confirms something another poster said that any
> software company that uses MSSQL get weird quickly -- the version of the
> devices we have current use MySQL but the next generation only "support"
> MSSQL since it is "better" than MySQL) and 3) by the fact that they were a
> publicly traded (NY Stock Exchange)

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