Question re ZFS with mixed drive speeds & types

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Thu Aug 6 19:21:31 UTC 2020

 Wow.... someone as old as me... :)
I had no idea.  I remember a lot of those applications in an OS that were based on this theory.  I believe there were even a few that indexed tape drives with UNIX i-nodes.  Good times..... :)

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 On Wed, 5 Aug 2020 20:26:36 +0200, Jacques Foucry wrote:
> Le mercredi 05 août 2020 à 01:32:02 (-0700), David Christensen à écrit:
> > On 2020-08-04 23:55, Greg Marsh wrote:
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> > > I ask because about 10 years ago, I was involved in a project that had a HUGE storage component. Many of the vendors we brought in to pitch, including Sun, were promoting tiered storage. Sun in particular were quite proud of this tech. Their system ran ZFS and had a hybrid of ssd, sas & SATA, with the system dynamically moving data around the different speed/capacity drives, based on their activity, all transparent to the application or user. Most often used data coming from the ssd & sas drives, with less active files kept on the SATA drives.
> I remember the same thing when Sun demostrate us ZFS (I was a Sunkskill at
> this time). But I never tried.

Sounds a bit like HSM - hierarchical storage management,
implemented on IBM mainframe systems (DFHSM) and on
DEC VMS for VAX and Alpha, also has been implemented
on AIX and other UNIX operating systems.

So decades old stuff is "new" again... ;-)

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