Complete idiots guide to virtualize Android with bhyve

Evilham contact at
Wed Aug 5 07:45:11 UTC 2020

On dc., ag. 05 2020, Antonio Olivares wrote:

> Dear kind FreeBSD users,
> I have seen some sites where it is mentioned that we can run 
> Android with
> bhve on FreeBSD.
> But I cannot follow which commands to use or where to get 
> Android sources.
> Is there a complete idiots guide somewhere so I can follow step 
> by step.  I
> have experience with virtualbox and VMware but on Linux.  I 
> would like to

With the Caveat that you should think about whether or not this is 
the approach you want to take, what you are asking is indeed 
doable and there are valid use-cases to running Android in a VM.

I guess there is no complete step by step guide because there are 
many ways to do it and it depends a bit on your needs.

The general guide would be something like:

1. Get an ISO from the Android-x86 project (not aware of other 
installation methods atm)
2. Use that ISO to install the OS under bhyve (using the UEFI 
3. Profit

It's a tad more complex than that because you'll have to make sure 
that networking is properly setup and that the screen is made 
available over VNC; that's where any general step-by-step bhyve 
guide will help.
There are helpers like vm-bhyve, depending on how you approach 
things you can use either.
See, e.g.: and which might bring you a tad 


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