freebsd-update - Cannot identify running kernel

doug doug at
Sun Aug 2 00:31:35 UTC 2020

On Sat, 1 Aug 2020, Doug Denault wrote:

> I did an update from 11.3 --> 12.1 that did not seem to work. That turned out 
> to be my error but I rolled back to 11.3. I have a 12.0 system that did not 
> have the error so I thought I would update to 12.0 to try to get a handle on 
> my problem.
> This update did not exactly work. It will boot and I suspect I can do 
> anything not requiring access to /boot. The zfs boot process is not bothered 
> by this problem.
> zpool list
> bootpool  1.98G   274M  1.72G        -         -    15%    13%  1.00x  ONLINE 
> -
> zroot      920G  7.76G   912G        -         -     0%     0%  1.00x  ONLINE 
> -
> zfs list
> bootpool             273M  1.59G   271M  /bootpool
> zroot               7.76G   883G    96K  /zroot
> zroot/ROOT          5.15G   883G    96K  none
> zroot/ROOT/default  5.15G   883G  5.15G  /
> zroot/tmp            168K   883G   168K  /tmp
> zroot/usr           2.59G   883G    96K  /usr
> zroot/usr/home       682M   883G   682M  /usr/home
> zroot/usr/ports      742M   883G   742M  /usr/ports
> zroot/usr/src       1.20G   883G  1.20G  /usr/src
> zroot/var           12.5M   883G    96K  /var
> zroot/var/audit       96K   883G    96K  /var/audit
> zroot/var/crash       96K   883G    96K  /var/crash
> zroot/var/log        572K   883G   572K  /var/log
> zroot/var/mail      11.5M   883G  11.5M  /var/mail
> zroot/var/tmp         96K   883G    96K  /var/tmp
> In comparing this with a zfs system I have not so abused, I can tell that 
> bootpool needs to be added to the zroot/ROOT/default as boot thus the file 
> system visible to the OS would have /boot in it. I know my terminology is 
> likely all messed up, I am a zfs newbie.
> Anyway bootpool/boot/ has the right stuff:
> ls bootpool/boot/
> ./                  delay.4th          loader.efi*         menu.4th
> ../                 device.hints       loader.rc           menu.rc
> beastie.4th         dtb/               loader_4th*         menusets.4th
> boot                efi.4th            loader_4th.efi*     modules/
> boot0               entropy            loader_lua*         pmbr
> boot0sio            firmware/          loader_lua.efi*     pxeboot
> boot1               frames.4th         loader_simp*        screen.4th
> boot1.efi*          gptboot            loader_simp.efi*    shortcuts.4th
> boot1.efifat        gptzfsboot         logo-beastie.4th    support.4th
> boot2               isoboot            logo-beastiebw.4th
> brand-fbsd.4th      kernel/            logo-fbsdbw.4th
> brand.4th           kernel.old/        logo-orb.4th
> cdboot              loader*            logo-orbbw.4th      version.4th
> check-password.4th  loader.4th         lua/                zfs/
> color.4th           loader.conf        mbr                 zfsboot
> defaults/           loader.conf.orig   menu-commands.4th   zfsloader*
> So ... is my analysis correct? If so how do it put bootpool/boot/ where "it 
> belongs"?
So after some reading, I might be making more of this than it is. Seems to 
me because so little data is involved make /boot, copy the data and perhaps 
rename bootpool to something just to be safe. If so the next question is 
did freebsd-update leave anything else behind?

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