Updating from 11.3-stable to 12.1-stable?

Bob Willcox bob at immure.com
Wed Apr 29 21:28:02 UTC 2020

Well, here are the steps that I took to upgrade my 11.3-STABLE system to
12.1-STABLE. May not be the best/most efficient but they worked for me
and I thought someone else may benefit from them.

1)  Make a backup of the current system
2)  Delete everything in /usr/src, making certin to remove the files and directories
    that start with a dot (".").
3)  Delete everything in /usr/obj.
4)  Download (via svn) the new FreeBSD release /usr/src to be updated to.
5)  Build the new world from the source.
6)  Build the new kernel from the source.
7)  Run "mergemaster -Fp" to update files that may be needing update prior to
    doing the installworld.
8)  Run "make installworld" in /usr/src.
9)  Run "make installkernel" in /usr/src.
10) Run "mergemaster -iU" do update any remaining files that need to be updated.
11) Reboot the system.
12) Run "pkg update" to update the pkg database to the new system's level.
13) Run "pkg upgrade" to update all packages to reflect the new system's level.
14) Reboot the system.


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