sysutils/screen and its now default "screen.xterm-256color" terminal type

Yuri Pankov ypankov at
Wed Apr 29 15:22:02 UTC 2020

Victor Sudakov wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> Have you noticed that the recent versions of sysutils/screen force the
> setting of $TERM to "screen.xterm-256color"? FreeBSD does not know this
> terminal type, which leads to different errors in programs running under
> screen ("using dumb terminal" etc).
> I've opened a PR
> but the
> maintainer is too quick to close it IMHO.
> Does anyone care to view/comment on the PR?

$ screen --version
Screen version 4.08.00 (GNU) 05-Feb-20

Not a screen user myself, I just installed the latest screen from ports 
to check, and not seeing this behavior: without ~/.screenrc I get $TERM 
of "screen", and with "term xterm256-color" in ~/.screenrc I get exactly 
that in $TERM.

What are your other related settings? Or could it be stale system-wide 
configuration somewhere, stale patches?

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