Why are so many FreeBSD haters on this list? (Troll bait)

令狐月弦 lionfoxyx at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 00:09:29 UTC 2020

I am on freebsd list but I do like freebsd :) due to it is more light 
and stable than others, as server running environment. freebsd is may 
not as good as linux for desktop environment IMO.


Aryeh Friedman wrote:
> It seems like there are more then normal (than in years past) people on the
> -questions@ list that for whatever reason just*HATE*  FreeBSD for technical
> and non-technical reasons.    If you hate FreeBSD so much why are you on
> this list and why do you use FreeBSD?  I suspect in many cases they use
> FreeBSD because it is more stable then their favorite OS (linux).  Hint:
> that stability is in many cases due to the very reasons you hate FreeBSD
> (conservative adoption of features for example, not using GPL as much as
> possible, so called "out-dated" features and lack of "modern" hardware
> support -- the last two are either subjective or just out right incorrect).

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