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Ottavio Caruso ottavio2006-usenet2012 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 23 07:27:16 UTC 2020

On Wed, 22 Apr 2020 at 23:14, Jordan <freebsd at jdev.sent.com> wrote:
> I need PDF software that can add pages, remove pages, extract pages and redact.
> All of the PDF ports I have found are simply viewers and don't allow manipulations of the PDF in a single packaged GUI application. I work with hundreds of PDFs each day so I cannot work within a CLI to manipulate the pages. I do a lot of extracting of pages into a new PDF by dragging and dropping pages from PDF software to a GUI file manager such as Thunar.

The hard reality is that the only GUI application that can do all the
tasks above is Adobe Acrobat Pro, which is proprietary, closed source
and not meant to run on *nix, unless you use Wine or a Windows VM.

The closest thing that I know of is Zathura, but cannot really compare
to Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Ottavio Caruso

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