Wayland on FreeBSD

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Wed Apr 22 18:40:01 UTC 2020

Steve O'Hara-Smith writes:
>  > 	2) Based on 1980s concepts and hardware (which affects what code
>  > 		is written and how)
>  	Hmm unix is based on 1970s concepts and 1960s hardware,

	Is it?  I'll leave this to people with deeper knowledge, but I
get the impression a _lot_ has changed - and not just under the hood -
over the last thirty years.

>  > 	3) "It just grew."  (Which contributes to (1).)
>  	That I'd have to disagree with, the gap betweem X11Rn and X11Rn+1
>  was always long and seemed to involve considerable care and there has never
>  been an X12 (despite getting to X11 between 1984 and 1987).

	The comparison that leapt to mind was to GCC, and its replacement
with LLVM.  I am not a compiler guru ... but I have heard those who
are muttering in eldritch tongues about minor decisions made long ago
that have become irreversibly embedded and block non-trivial
improvements to speed and/or accuracy.
	Now LLVM _may_ be following a similar path - but there seems to be
a vigorous effort to avoid that where possible.


				Robert Huff

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