Wayland on FreeBSD

Tomasz CEDRO tomek at cedro.info
Sun Apr 19 12:09:23 UTC 2020

On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 1:50 PM Jan Beich <jbeich at freebsd.org> wrote:
> Many, bsdstats.org should have some numbers from those who opted in.
> wlroots-based compositors have very good support and can be tested
> without leaving the comfort zone of xorg-server:
> - x11-wm/cage: kiosk, good for nesting
> - x11-wm/hikari: stacking with some tiling, developed on FreeBSD
> - x11-wm/sway: manual tiling, often first to adopt new wlroots features
> - x11-wm/wayfire: stacking with some tiling, many plugins
> Elsewhere the situation isn't as good (correct me):
> - Gnome Wayland is stable upstream but not ported due to logind (from systemd)
> - KDE5 on Wayland maybe buggy upstream and hasn't been QA'd on FreeBSD by kde@ team yet
> - Enlightenment in ports/ currently fails to build with Wayland support
> - Weston port is abandoned due to being poor fit for day-to-day usage
> I'm using Sway myself primarily with X11 applications. For example,
> "vblank_mode=0 glxgears" shows 3x more FPS than on real Xorg server. ;)

I am working on Enlightenment 0.23.1 that has Wayland support, its
full featured WM with long tradition, works not stable, second new
life sparked recently, the patch has been updated (big thank you to
Shane Ambler), the new version should show up in the port tree shortly


I can see there is already a Wayland community here in FreeBSD why
don't we update WIKI to make it work ouf of the box if its that good
as people say?? :-)

I have no access to edit WIKI and I am really surprised it seems dead..

What better place to keep frequently updated as central point of
information? External forums like Linux? :-(


Best regards :-)

CeDeROM, SQ7MHZ, http://www.tomek.cedro.info

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