Is there a standalone spreadsheet program available for Freebsd?

Bob Proulx bob at
Fri Apr 17 19:06:38 UTC 2020

Bob Willcox wrote:
> What I would like would be something simple w/o lots of features as my intended
> use is simple. I just want to be able to list expense items and their cost and
> have them added up as a monthly expense budget. That's all.

For such things I have been using 'ledger'.  It's in the package
database.  (Although I personally use 'hledger', a friendly fork, more.)

  $ pkg search ledger
  ledger-3.1.1_18                John Wiegley's command line accounting program

You can learn more about such tools here.

Something like ledger (or hledger) might be exactly what you want.


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