freebsd should be rewritten based on microkernel architecture

Norman Gray norman.gray at
Fri Apr 17 16:50:59 UTC 2020

Steve, hello.

On 17 Apr 2020, at 17:18, Steve O'Hara-Smith wrote:

> 	If the OP wants FreeBSD running on a microkernel then surely Darwin
> is where they should start looking - mostly FreeBSD running on Mach 
> which
> is a bona-fide message passing microkernel.

It's a tangent to this thread, but: can you point to anything which 
discusses this in more detail?

I've long known that Darwin is 'mostly FreeBSD running on Mach', or that 
it has a lot of FreeBSD's userland, or even that Apple have reportedly 
contracted folk with FreeBSD kernel knowledge to work on bits of Darwin 
(or have ported bits of FreeBSD into Darwin, or something like that).  
I'm curious to know more, but details are tantalisingly hard to find.

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