Freebsd 13 bootloader lua failed to load kernel

Gautier WOJDA gautier.wojda at
Fri Apr 17 12:51:34 UTC 2020

We need to build the new freebsd bootloader in lua from freebsd head, and it doesn't work as expected.
I compile like this : MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/tmp/obj make -C stand -j4 WITHOUT_FORTH=yes WITH_LOADER_LUA=yes MK_LOADER_ZFS=no MK_BEARSSL=yes MACHINE_CPUARCH=amd64 MACHINE_ARCH=amd64
Then i copy boot, loader_lua (and i rename loader_lua as loader), and lua directory in my /boot directory.
I get this error elf64_loadimage: read failed. Can't load kernel (see: screen.png in copy to the mail for more information)
If i use the loader compiled in my freebsd13 virtual machine, kernel load works.
Any idea what I'm missing?
Gautier W.

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