drm-i915kms + x11-intel eats out all of the ram and swap but not with x11-scfb

Tomasz CEDRO tomek at cedro.info
Tue Apr 14 11:57:56 UTC 2020

Hello world :-)

I have noticed some bad thing with the X11 Intel driver (12.1-RELEASE
AMD64 with latest intel driver from 2018???) - it eats out all of the
RAM, then it eats all of the SWAP, then system gets unusable for
anything except hard reset :-( This happens when it works together
with latest DRM i915KMS. On hard computer use that means workstation
gets useless in around 15 minutes. Closing applications does not free
the memory resources, once it get some some it never returns.

I have set the UXA as the default for i5-5300U CPU.

On the other hand the DRM i915kms works fine with SCFB on the same
load and hardware. I am working on DRM + i915kms + SCFB so far.

This is why I suspect problem with X11-INTEL driver? Maybe it does not
like latest Xorg changes?

I also sometimes get this DRM warning on the dmesg:
[drm] Reducing the compressed framebuffer size. This may lead to less
power savings than a non-reduced-size. Try to increase stolen memory
size if available in BIOS.

Did anyone observe such problem too?

Best regards :-)

CeDeROM, SQ7MHZ, http://www.tomek.cedro.info

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