How to run Steam for Linux on freebsd?

Jan Behrens jbe-mlist at
Mon Apr 13 22:01:21 UTC 2020

Dear Nikita,

do you want to run graphical applications or game servers? For
installing and updating game servers, I installed SteamCMD and had to
do the following changes to my system:

pkg install linux-c7 ca_root_nss

/etc/rc.conf: linux_enable="YES"
linprocfs   /compat/linux/proc  linprocfs       rw      0       0
linsysfs    /compat/linux/sys   linsysfs        rw      0       0
tmpfs    /compat/linux/dev/shm  tmpfs   rw,mode=1777    0       0

After installing the game server through the Steam command line client,
I could start it directly (without using Steam).

Hope that helps.


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