Restoring and snapshots

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Fri Apr 10 10:17:32 UTC 2020

On 2020-04-10 11:47, Jacques Foucry wrote:

> Well, may be I wrong, but I think you're going on the wrong way.
> For me, the simplest way is to use snasphot as source of backup with something
> very simple
> zfs snapshot -r zroot/etc at now
> zfs send -R zroot/etc/@now > /usㄦ/sbin/xz > user at host:etc-snap@$(date
> +"%F-%T").xz

That's one way of doing thing and that's (more or less) what I'm doing 
when I need to save a whole filessytem.

However, this is not always the way to go: sometimes I only need to copy 
some files or integrate this with some other tool (e.g. Bacula).

  bye & thanks

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