Performance of Routing on Edgerouter Lite with Latest FreeBSD Mips/Octeon

Viktor Madarasz viktormadarasz at SDF.ORG
Thu Apr 9 13:32:22 UTC 2020


i was looking at the page

where amongst other things mentioned Ubiquity EdgeRouter Lite as 
compatible and also that Gigabit speeds on Basic Packet passing should be 

I started to look at classifieds and I see some devices available for 

However I came across this article where the user explains one of the 
drawbacks being not being able to push more than 250Mbit per second 
between two Gigabit Hosts. However that article was not made on the latest 
available build as far as I see...


Anyone has experience with Edgerouter Lite and FreeBSD and can comment on 
the real time performance achieved?

Perhaps one of the other mentioned HW would be more suitable to go for ( 
even if it seems difficult to even find any.. Lanner , Portwell and 
Radisys devices )

Perhaps going the x86 route and pick up some appliance from Aliexpress 
which should work as a FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD router/firewall and achieve 
Gigabit speed on ports while passing packets easily/easier?

f.e :



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