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Honestly since when having only 2 people meeting up for "Insert Your 
Preferred IT/Geek Activity here" was a problem? the smaller the crowd the 
more fun it is no? :)

We should get hold of the robocall system governments use to spam the 
public of their junk ... I dont know ...

Q: Would You be intterested to join
    a meeting (In Person or Via Videoconference) of BSD Users in Spain?

A1: What is BSD?
A2: Yes
A3: Linux is Superior Because Yes

I have some people over at who are from Spain I ask them as well 
on the chat You never know who d turn up.


On Thu, 9 Apr 2020, Evilham wrote:

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>>> > Another thing... There is No BSD User Group in the country > where
>>> > I live-reside
>>> > (Spain) How could I create One? I guess its a good > opportunity
>>> > to do so as
>>> > there is 0 here as I saw on the Website. As I speak / write
>>> > English, Spanish ,
>>> > Hungarian I guess I could tie in to other BSD Groups with > those
>>> > languages as
>>> > well...
>>> >
>>> > Anyone can point me to the good direction regarding these
>>> > things?
>>> Actually, I've been looking into starting something like this;
>>> though in my case more wider-Barcelona centric, to have physical
>>> meetings be easier for the post-COVID world.
>>> Probably those meetings would be kind of tri-lingual (a bit like
>>> PyBCN), to facilitate participation of local computer-people who
>>> might not be as well-versed in English.
>>> Depending on where you live in Spain, bilingual might suffice,
>>> just make sure not to exclude people on a language basis.
>>> For that, I registered some days ago, haven't managed
>>> to do anything with it just yet.
>>> I also noticed exists, but it appears to be an
>>> abandoned effort; you might be able to get in touch with them and
>>> maybe do a friendly, mutually agreed, domain take over and revive
>>> it :-) (that would be pretty cool).
>> I want to be in that User Group project. I have contacted Manuel
>> Trujillo, from Barcelona area, who is/was in es.freebsd staff, to know
>> the es.freebd current status.
>> In 2006 and 2008 we organized two BSDCon at Barcelona. Both, Viktor and
>> you Andres, can count with me for this BUG project.
> Nice, I noticed that but somehow it feels as though the BSDs are not that 
> present around here.
> Keep us posted with news from this person :-).
> I was considering maybe even making a CFP (call for participation?!) online, 
> to get a feeling of who'd be able to attend such a thing, so that hopefully 
> the first time it is reasonable to have a physical meeting it's more than 2 
> people :-p.
> --
> Evilham
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