/usr/src/release/release.sh -> ports -> fetch pkg -> Bad system call (core dumped)

Tomasz CEDRO tomek at cedro.info
Wed Apr 8 16:06:19 UTC 2020

On Sun, Apr 5, 2020 at 7:53 PM Ruslan Garipov wrote:
> > I wrongly assumed that release will simply update this svn repo that I
> > am working on.. but it fetches HEAD.. so I was trying to build
> > 13/HEAD/CURRENT on 12/STABLE/RELEASE that have different ABI thus bad
> > syscall.. and I need CURRENT to build CURRENT, right? :-)
> I believe in order to build the source tree you just need a compatible
> toolchain.  So you can build the source tree for 13.0-CURRENT on
> 12.1-RELEASE system.  But you need CURRENT to **run** userland with ABI
> from the CURRENT.

Long story short I need 13-CURRENT to create a 13-CURRENT release with
release(7) because on 12-STABLE/RELEASE chroot with 13-CURRENT does
not work. I need to see how it works with `make release` :-)

> Once again: for native build `make release` may be quite easy and fast.
> release(7) guarantees "absolutely clean build environment".

Will try that `make release` as well, also for 13-CURRENT on
12-STABLE, thank you! Also will compare the time cost with the one
presented below :-)

Creating a "release" also has this advantage that I have memstick
images that I can boot from directly, test what I need, even no need
to install :-)

Here are my build times, for a release for AMD64/12-STABLE, I did not
select DOC nor PORTS to build, only Kernel and Base :-)

2 x Intel Xeon X5660 @2.8GHz = 2 PACKAGES x 6 CORES x 2 HW THREADS )
INTERNET: 600/60MBit

time make clean buildkernel (16x speedup with SMP):
        2472.027u 291.657s 46:34.54 98.8%       38592+3123k
195123+3315182io 80167pf+0w
-j12    2355.140u 282.807s 3:40.12 1198.4%      38509+3121k
190142+3361605io 71356pf+0w
-j24    3672.641u 382.254s 2:54.85 2319.0%      39837+3149k
218567+3361605io 64857pf+0w
-j48    3722.707u 352.940s 3:07.10 2178.3%      40328+3169k
214359+3361607io 66526pf+0w

time make clean buildworld (12.5x speedup with SMP):
        32223.598u 1940.942s 9:28:07.59 100.2% 46920+3430k
563493+3074126io 234706pf+0w
-j12    33644.438u 1818.147s 54:46.68 1078.9% 47324+3449k
485257+3255853io 236896pf+0w
-j24    50728.732u 2556.953s 45:06.66 1968.6% 47556+3455k
560905+3255862io 229433pf+0w
-j48    51129.166u 2454.564s 44:38.12 2000.7% 47630+3458k
525602+3255854io 210237pf+0w

release.sh (seems to auto-adjust -j optimization and below 2h looks
really cool):
        94556.462u 5583.273s 1:43:14.24 1616.6% 50234+3336k
1457023+16921354io 615421pf+0w
-j12   94477.001u 5577.692s 1:42:59.60 1619.1% 50251+3337k
1463964+16932952io 617689pf+0w
-j24   94480.274u 5574.117s 1:43:38.89 1608.8% 50213+3336k
1468685+16931170io 617425pf+0w
-j48   94588.653u 5569.909s 1:43:10.62 1617.9% 50211+3336k
1460546+16925145io 611229pf+0w

These times may be even smaller when SSD is used instead of HDD. Also
I wonder how to utilize all RAM to speed up the compilation because I
can see 8..34GB utilization while the rest of 128GB remains unused. I
saw some ramdisk tricks I need to try that as well :-)

Best regards :-)

CeDeROM, SQ7MHZ, http://www.tomek.cedro.info

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