icingaweb2 and nginx are in jail

Erwan David erwan at rail.eu.org
Mon Apr 6 06:41:06 UTC 2020

Le 01/04/2020 à 18:19, Jacques Foucry a écrit :
> Hello folks,
> I try since now 2 weeks to make working icingaweb2 in a jail with nginx as
> http server and php-fpm but it don't work.
> The log is pretty clear:
> `/usr/local/www/icingaweb2/public/css/icinga.min.css`
> which is true there is no .css in ちhis directory bur .less kind of css.
> icingaweb2 *SHOULD* create the correct ccs _on the fly_.
> I cannot figure whatśs going wrong.

I have nginx in a jail and different apps with their php-fpm in their
separates jails. However The only way to make it work was for me to
mount nullfs-ro the php code in the nginx jail, nginx would not work
without it

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