Bastille vs. iocage vs.CBSD opinions?

Alejandro Imass aimass at
Fri Apr 3 21:55:16 UTC 2020

Thanks for your responses so far, very instructive.
As Ihor, I am also inclined towards Bastille for many of the same reasons.
NVL iocage seems very cool as well as does CBSD.
But, since I am a biased pro-Perl person (which is almost the same as
saying anti-python) I am trying to be objective and avoid confirmation bias.
I've been happily using EzJail for about 14 years now, and never had a
serious issue. But these other tools seem more container oriented and I
want to be able to do many of the things people are doing with Docker and
ECS but on FBSD in bare metal (I am NOT a fan of virtualization and AWS).

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