ports and packages installed on one system, how to make pkg only

doug doug at fledge.watson.org
Fri Sep 27 18:09:54 UTC 2019

On Thu, 26 Sep 2019, tech-lists wrote:

> Hi,
> Possibly a silly question -:
> There is a system that has a mix of ports installed via the traditional method 
> (local ports tree) *and* ports installed via pkg.
> I want the system to use pkg entirely for space and cpu reasons.
> Will pkg upgrade -f do what I want without having to go through each installed 
> port? In other words, will pkg upgrade -f act upon the ports that have been 
> compiled and installed via the local ports tree? Or would portmaster be a 
> better tool for this purpose?

I hesitate to chime in because you have been keeping advice from the expert in 
this. I will however share my experience. Since pkg I have stop using postmaster 
or any of the port managers other than poudriere. For my work stations I use pkg 
for everything except where non-pkg options are required/wanted. This needs to 
be done with care but there are enough controls to mostly avoid dependency 
conflicts. The only issues I have encountered center around mozilla and xfce. 
These seem to be largely solved by the port maintainers by FBSD 11. I am writing 
this on a 10.3 that I do not have time to update. I only thing I would like that 
I can not do is to install thunderbird. pkg help [command] and google are you 

We run a number of servers and use poudriere for those. Out initial build 
probably got done over the weekend. If they had used poudriere in Jurassic park 
the sign on the mirrow would have said, this program is easier to use than it 
looks like. Even with that I forgot to build trafshow so I just used pkg to 
install it on the server where I needed it. YMMV


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