ports and packages installed on one system, how to make pkg only

Matthew Seaman matthew at FreeBSD.org
Thu Sep 26 15:59:44 UTC 2019

On 26/09/2019 16:12, tech-lists wrote:
> Possibly a silly question -:
> There is a system that has a mix of ports installed via the traditional 
> method
> (local ports tree) *and* ports installed via pkg.
> I want the system to use pkg entirely for space and cpu reasons.
> Will pkg upgrade -f do what I want without having to go through each
> installed port? In other words, will pkg upgrade -f act upon the ports that
> have been compiled and installed via the local ports tree?
> Or would portmaster be a better tool for this purpose?

A pkg is what you get from compiling a port.  Once the port is installed 
it's a pkg and there's no functional difference from a pkg installed 
from one of the package repositories.

Or, in other words, just update your machine from the pkg repos.  It 
will replace anything that's out of date, no problem.  There's no 
particular need to force an update on all packages -- if it's already 
there and working OK, then my inclination would be to leave it be.



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