NIC Compatibility for 11.2

Pressey, Marty G (CGI Federal) marty.pressey at
Wed Sep 25 21:39:54 UTC 2019

I have a question regarding Ethernet NIC compatibility. According to your compatibility list at, there are five (5) different Intel PRO/1000 MT NIC's listed. However, the 2 we are looking for are not on the list. Since the list is more than a year old, I'm wondering if there has been any additional testing to verify compatibility of these NIC's or if you can tell me if FreeBSD will support the use of these NIC's. I've included the two (2) we are using listed below.

The reason for my question is that we are using a 3rd party software product that is using FreeBSD as its initial boot OS. Unfortunately, the vendor can't answer my question regarding compatibility.

Intel PRO/1000 MT Network Connection
Intel PRO/1000 MT Network Connection E1G60


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