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Victor Sudakov vas at
Sun Sep 22 04:20:18 UTC 2019

MJ wrote:
> >> If you don't like zip, what about 7zip? It has volumes which allow you to break it up on the fly into parts
> > Hmm, maybe 7z in tar mode. It does not preserve permissions in 7-zip mode.
> Yes, I just looked at the less-than-useless manual page on it. It does state that.
> (The manual page comes from linux and should probably be replaced with "This page is intentionally blank", given such inanities as:
> "Do not use "-r" because this flag does not do what you think."

I've just checked and found out that 7z does store symlinks as symlinks
(unless -l is given) but it does not store inode numbers, so all
hardlinks become separate files after extraction.
> So, it seems you're trapped with using tar|split.

Looks like it. 

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