A modest hier proposal

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Fri Sep 13 06:05:14 UTC 2019

On Fri, 13 Sep 2019 05:32:54 +0000, John Howie wrote:
> I am all for merging /bin,  /lib, /etc. with their /usr counterparts.
> The separation was more about disk speeds, not disk size. You put the
> most-used executables and files on / which was your fastest disk, and
> everything else on other, slower disks.

DIsk size and disk speed were related: The smaller the disk, the lower
seek times. So of course disks were spped mattered were usually the
system disks. Typical (early) installations of UNIX contained at least
two disk units, sometimes of same type, sometimes not, and in such
cases, the fastest disk was preferred as the system disk.

> I do not even recall when  /lib, /libexec, etc. made an appearance
> in *BSD, and /sbin is relatively-speaking new, too, but all are not
> “original”.

Yes, I think that was a later invention, maybe not even in UNIX, but
in BSD that derived from it...

> That fact alone means we can and should adapt rather than burying
> ourselves in pseudo-historical orthodoxy.

I'm confident that simplification can be done, but as it has already
been mentioned: for what "price" (work, time), and with what "plan"
(how to change, expected problems and solutions), and of course if
this _currently_ is a priority or not. Consistency and predictability
should not be sacrificed on the altar of /allstuff. ;-)

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