Convert MBR Partitions to GPT

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Tue Sep 3 23:18:47 UTC 2019

On Mon, 2 Sep 2019, Polytropon wrote:

> On Mon, 2 Sep 2019 05:04:52 -0700, Thomas D. Dean wrote:
>> On 9/2/19 4:39 AM, Polytropon wrote:
>> Something, possibly BSDinstall or, maybe something unknown made the 2
>> Windows 7 disks unbootable.  Great, now I can use them for something
>> other than adding weight to the box.
> Maybe there is just some damage to the bootcode of each "Windows".
> Suggestion: Unplug all disks except one of those (one at each time),
> boot with a "Windows" installation / repair DVD, restore the boot
> sector - should boot fine again.
> However, it sounds totally wrong that a FreeBSD installer even
> _touches_ disks that are not subject to the FreeBSD installation.
> I can image that adding boot code (single-boot or boot manager)
> to the 1st disk of a setup is possible, but what you're describing
> sounds just wrong. Not entirely impossible, but ...

In July and August of 2018 I had two very strange things from the installer 
(11.2). One kinda hosed a HP laptop, I solved that with a lenovo getting FreeBSD 
added without killing windows. More toubling was was trying to configure a 
Poudriere server. I bought an HP followed by a Microcenter brand doing a UEFI 
FreeBSD only install with zfs. Could never boot the HP, the Microcenter system 
was totally hosed, could not even boot into the BIOS. I returned these puppies 
next trying a DELL that just worked. One year later the details of all this are 
long gone, but at the time I finally decided the UEFI setup was not the same 
across the systems I tried. Windows users never experience this becuase the 
manufactures make windows work with their stuff.

YMMV  :)

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