Convert MBR Partitions to GPT

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Mon Sep 2 14:48:44 UTC 2019

On Mon, 2 Sep 2019 06:54:42 -0700, Thomas D. Dean wrote:
> I downloaded the FreeBSD DVD1.  Disabled USB 3.0 support in the "UEFI 
> BIOS", as ASUS calls it.  Now, FreeBSD does not go into the xhci loop.

Very good! By the way, the commonly accepted terminology is
either "BIOS" or "UEFI" - it's one or the other. Maybe ASUS
is already infested by brainless marketing drones... ;-)

> I chose the entire 3rd disk, ada2 for FreeBSD, accepted most of the 
> defaults and the installation completed.  I did not see where BSDinstall 
> offered a choice about the MBR.  However, I can not boot anything but 
> FreeBSD.  So, BSDinstall did write something to ada0, I have not 
> discovered what.

It seems to be the case, and if it is, it's a bad design and
dangerous thing! I remember that ye olde sysinstall (which you
might remember) did explicitely have a choice. I checked the
documentation again:

2.6.1. discusses MBR vs. GPT (which is not relevant here), and
in the partition editor in fig. 2.14, you probably have seen
entries only for ada2 (3rd disk in your system). Nothing about
the boot manager? Hmmm... I didn't find it mentioned anywhere
on those pages.

Maybe the "entire disk" choice implies (!) that the 1st disk of
the system (i. e., the _actual_ boot disk) will be modified? If
that's the case, again: bad choice.

> Maybe BSDinstall messed with moterboard EFI boot???

That shouldn't happen without user interaction.

In combination with the installation documentation, nothing
suggests that something like that should happen.

> I am trying very hard to not do anything non-automatic or not
> out-of-the-box.  Getting old and I forget things...

But milti-OS is something considered non-standard nowadays, so
all the automatic, automagic, magic, and blackmagic methods of
doing things seem to depend on a "one OS only" mentality, so
you will have to do certain things manually if you wish to make
them work (which basically is not impossible, but as I said,
non-standard and therefore not considered when designing tools
to aid those tasks).

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