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Mon Sep 2 11:35:48 UTC 2019

On Sun, 1 Sep 2019 18:40:12 -0700, Thomas D. Dean wrote:
> On 9/1/19 5:54 PM, MJ wrote:
> > Hi Tom,
> > 
> > [I cropped a lot of this message - it's needless detail]
> > 
> >> I killed all the bsdinstall stuff before I answered any of the 
> >> questions.  As soon as the first install box appeared, I switched to 
> >> ttyv3(?) where root was logged in.  Before selecting keyboard model.
> >>
> > 
> > It's still risky. Who knows what it has started writing out. If you have 
> > to do this, I suggest just rebooting and restarting the installation 
> > rather than re-starting via the console.
> Does bsdinstall start writing BEFORE the keyboard model is selected? 
> Before the device is selected?


There are two steps that cause writes:

The first one is the partitioning step (add partitions, initialize
filesystems), the second one is actually installing the software,
after the "commit" choice:

> Is this documented in the handbook?  I did not see it.

Well, bsdinstall has its own chapter (referenced above).

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