Install from .iso Fails

MJ mafsys1234 at
Mon Sep 2 00:54:40 UTC 2019

Hi Tom,

[I cropped a lot of this message - it's needless detail]

> I killed all the bsdinstall stuff before I answered any of the questions.  As soon as the first install box appeared, I switched to ttyv3(?) where root was logged in.  Before selecting keyboard model.

It's still risky. Who knows what it has started writing out. If you have to do this, I suggest just rebooting and restarting the installation rather than re-starting via the console.

> I use grub at the console to choose the system to boot and I login at a console prompt.  In my .bash_profile, I startx.  I use TWM because it is least intrusive.  I use emacs in an xterm for development.

Not an unremarkable situation, I would think.

> I have a multi-os system.
> sata6g_1  HD0 SSD    ubuntu 18.04
> sata6g_2  HD1 WD5000 Ubuntu 18.04
> sata3g_3  HD2 WD5000 windows 7 - not used

(the last best windows IMHO)

> sata3g_4  HD3 WD5000 empty - this is where I tried to install FreeBSD
> sata3g_5  HD4 WD5000 windows 7 secondary plex- not used
> sata3g_6  DVD DRW-24B3LT
> sata6g_E1 (empty)
> sata6g_E2 (empty)
> After starting bsdinstall on ttyv3(?), I chose the automatic layout.

That should work. I dare say many others use that format. I would encourage you to use manual layout and so expand your knowledge of why different partitions should be made (like /var and /usr) as separate partitions. It really doesn't take all that long, considering you were attempting to install using the ftp option. (I remember having to map cylinders/heads/sectors to boundaries back in ye olde days of FreeBSD, so it's got easier.. somewhat.)

> OK, that does not seem to be a reasonable way to go.
> I will download the DVD set.  Is it possible that I get reasonable USB 3.0 support from the full DVD rather than the net install?

If you haven't used BSD for a while it seems the prudent thing to do.

> What do I need to do to avoid scribbling on sata6g_1  HD0?  That contains grub.

Don't install a boot manager when it asks. Leave it to Grub. (Not having used Grub for a long time, I expect you need to edit Grub to find the new disk with FreeBSD on it?)


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