Using '@' in user name with "mount_smbfs"

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Tue Oct 22 15:02:29 UTC 2019

On Tue, 22 Oct 2019 09:43:01 -0400, Jerry wrote:
> I am stumped as to how I can accomplish using a user name with an '@'
> in it with the "mount_smbfs" command/
> Assuming a user name of: user at, how would I get it accepted
> by the mount_smbfs command.
> /usr/sbin/mount_smbfs -N -f 0644 -U me -W WORKGROUP //user at $HOME/Win-Pictures
> I have tried both single and double quotation marks, but that fails.

Did you try using /etc/nsbm.conf for worgroup, username, and PC name
instead of providing it directly on the command line? If I remember
correctly, something like this (not tested!) should work:

	[WIN-PC:user at]

The format is <server>:<user>:<share>, with the last two entries
being optional. See "man 5 nsmb.conf" as well as the comment header
of /etc/nsmb.conf for details.

You can then use:

	mount_smbfs <more options> //WIN-PC/Share $HOME/Win-Pictures

Similarly, you can use a rule derived from this command in /etc/fstab
in case you need this mount command more than once.

Memory fragment from long time ago... ;-)

PS. Common suggestion is to use "" (instead of "")
    as a placeholder.

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