Installing head

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Wed Oct 16 15:52:22 UTC 2019

On 16/10/2019 16:35, Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> Probably my question should have been clearer: is it possible to move 
> from 12.0 (freshly installed) to HEAD directly *now* (or possibly after 
> "waiting a little")?
> Or *must* I go through STABLE?
> Compiling takes a lot of time and doing it twice takes two lots :)

This should be possible in theory, but maybe not in practice.  You 
should always be able to upgrade from the last release on one branch to 
the first release on the next.  Except, of course, there is no 13.0 
release just now.

HEAD is the closest thing to 13.0 release you can get at the moment, and 
a source level upgrade from 12.0-RELEASE should probably work.  If it 
doesn't, that's technically a bug and should be reported so it can be fixed.

Mind you, 12.1 is really close to being out (due 4th Nov) so the 
response may well be 'please try 12.1-RELEASE when it is available'.

If what you want is a HEAD system with least faff, then installing one 
of the  13-CURRENT snapshots ( as 
pointed out by Yasuhiro KIMURA) and upgrading from there is your best bet.



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