Problems with ld, libc, and "struct stat"

David Demelier markand at
Wed Oct 16 12:33:09 UTC 2019

Le 16/10/2019 à 14:25, Jan Behrens a écrit :
> Can I rely on "-shared" being available also in future versions of
> clang/cc? Or is this a deprecated "gcc compatibility" option?

Of course you can. It's there since decades and won't vanish. There is 
absolutely no reasons. As it has it's -static counterpart as well.

> Building shared libraries is an important feature, so I'm a bit
> surprised there is no documentation on on the "cc -shared" invocation
> (other than GCC's documentation), or maybe I'm just looking at the
> wrong places? Maybe you or someone else knows where else could I find
> any documentation on this?

I don't know, but LLVM projects documentation always have been a bit 

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