Fwd: from mfi to mrsas, a question to those who use mrsas

Victor Sudakov vas at sibptus.ru
Sun Oct 13 16:18:20 UTC 2019

Oleg Cherkasov wrote:
>    On 12.10.2019 14:36, Victor Sudakov wrote:
>    > 1. I have mirrors configured in mfi (see below). After switching, shall
>    > I continue to see and use the configured hardware RAID volumes, or will
>    > the disks suddenly become.. well, just separate disks?
>    It depends how did you configured hardware RAID volume.  In short it
>    would stay the way it is 

Good news!

> however you would notice device name change:
>      * MFI has something like /dev/mfi*, I do not remember correctly
>    nonetheless something like that.
>      * MRSAS makes /dev/da* devices.
>    Your filesystems or ZFS pool using those MFI device would gone on
>    reboot with MRSAS.

Should be important for the swap partition only (which is in fstab).
Thanks for the warning. I think ZFS does not really care for device names.

>    >
>    > 2. I think I'll lose the convenience of mfiutil. Is there anything to
>    > manage mrsas drives/volumes/firmware from inside FreeBSD (adding arrays,
>    > monitoring drives etc)?
>    >
>    Yep, you will.  However you may install megacli 

Not meant for humans, really. Its interface and commands were designed
by some space aliens.

> or stocli from ports.

In the current configuration, storcli does not see my mfi controller.
Maybe it will see after switching to mrsas, but I doubt.

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